Behold, new Website will be launched in a month!

Hello, everyone!

The new ‘’ will be launched in a month. During the operation, I found out that it’s really hard for the blog theme to maintain and writing the solutions. That discouraged me to write more posts.

So, I made up my mind to renew my website into the Wikipedia form. I am taking a course to input the wiki source code to my server, so it might take a month to launch. I have many things to learn and I am very excited about it! Besides, I let people participate in this project, it will become a more productive website ever than before.

During that time, I have done numerous things. I applied for the graduate schools, I worked at JAXA as an intern for a month. There are lots of things I want to share.
Anyway, I will keep posting this website until the new one is launched. So stay tuned!

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