Boas, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (3rd Edition), Summary & Solution

Boas, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, 3rd Edition

Chapter 1. Infinite Series, Power Series

Section 1. The Geometric Series

Problem Solutions

Section 2. Definitions and Notations

Problem Solutions

Section 3. Applications of Series

Section 4. Convergent and Divergent Series

Problem Solutions

Section 5. Testing Series for Convergence; The Preliminary Test

Problem Solutions

Section 6. Convergence Tests for Series of Positive Terms; Absolute Convergence

Problem Solutions

Section 7. Alternating Series

Problem Solutions

Section 8. Conditionally Convergent Series

Section 9. Useful Facts about Series

Problem Solutions

Section 10. Power Series; Interval of Convergence 

Problem Solutions

Section 11. Theorems About Power Series

Section 12. Expanding Functions in Power Series

Problem Solutions

Section 13. Techniques for Obtaining Power Series Expansions

Section 14. Accuracy of Series Approximations

Section 15. Some Uses of Series

Section 16. Miscellaneous Problems

Chapter 2. Complex Numbers

Section 1. Introduction

Section 2. Real and Imaginary Parts of a Complex Number

Section 3. The Complex Plane

Section 4. Terminology and Notation

Section 5. Complex Algebra

Section 6. Complex Infinite Series

Section 7. Complex Power Series; Disk of Convergence

Section 8. Elementary Functions of Complex Numbers

Section 9. Euler’s Formula

Section 10. Powers and Roots of Complex Numbers

Section 11. The Exponential and Trigonometric Functions

Section 12. Hyperbolic Functions

Section 13. Logarithms

Section 14. Complex Roots and Powers

Section 15. Inverse Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions

Section 16. Some Applications

Section 17. Miscellaneous Problems

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