Daily Study Log (2019-01-22)


  • I made the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff (TOV) equation solver in Python. Actually, I made it about 3 days ago, but it didn’t run well. I fixed it by modifying the TOV equation part. I guess I put the TOV equation incorrectly in the previous code. However, I haven’t tested the code yet, it just ran and outputted some result. That’s all. So I need to test it whether it can reproduce simple (analytic) cases. If so, I can try more complicated problems.
  • To consider a simple case, I studied the Lane-Emden equation. It is a simple differential equation for analytical stellar models. I’m in the middle of the derivation process and I’ll derive it myself tomorrow. Understanding this equation gives me insight for understanding more complex situations.


  • I studied 205 English words using Anki. I’ve studied approximately 2200 words so far.
  • I read the Nature Briefing, Astrobites articles. Reading these is not only good for study English but also broad my background knowledge.
  • I watched the video that explains a video editing using Shotcut. It will help me make better videos. I’ve practiced it and uploaded some videos recently on my ‘the other’ YouTube Channel. I’m planning to make some kind of educational contents in the future. I can’t wait to make it soon!


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