Daily Study Log (2019-01-26)

I felt better than yesterday, so I could study a bit.


  • I have added 3 new words and studied 205 English words using Anki.
  • I have read two Nature Briefing and two Astrobites articles. It is very interesting that physicists found a hint of near-room-temperature superconductor! If we can develop the room-temperature superconductor, it would be one of the biggest inventions among the history! Also, I’m so impressed by what Donald Knuth quoted “Pleasure has probably been the main goal all along.” Also, I love the advice given by Dr. David DeVorkin, he said ‘focus on what you are passionate about and be passionate about the things that matter to you’.
  • I have studied the Fundamentals of Physics to remind me. I forgot many things so it surely helps me to prepare the Physics GRE. After reading this book quickly, I’ll solve other textbook problems and upload them on the blog.

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