Daily Study Log (2019-01-28)


  • Now I can look at the TOV solver example. It is written in Fortran 2008. Reading the code, I encountered the concept of a Jacobian matrix. I really should have studied mathematics further.
  • I need to get equations for mass and density. The example code solves this using Jacobian, But I don’t fully understand it. So I need to find another way to solve this. Also, I must visit my advisor and ask some questions about it.
  • I have reconstructed a flow chart for the TOV solver to fix some issues. I think I can write code by tomorrow, I also can test it with the solution of the Lane-Emden equation (for the simpler case).


So, I have studied for 8 hours today. But it’s not enough to accomplish all of my ‘to do’ lists.

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