Daily Study Log (2019-02-04)


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • I was having trouble with converting units from geometrical units to cgs units. But I found relations between them from the paper.
  • But I need to separate central mass density from a central ‘energy’ density. I understood that they are definitely different, but I have to find a relation between them since I used central mass density in my Python code. I found a relation from the previous research note, but I must re-check it whether it is right or wrong.
  • If I can obtain central mass density, I might test RNS ver 2.0 code from my code. I’m just guessing that there is no reason that they are different. They should be equal.
  • The last thing I need to know is the ‘r_ratio’ in RNS code. I think it is some kind of rotation value but I’m not sure. Maybe I can figure out from the manual.


Astronomy & Astrophysics

  • I have read AAS Nova article. It’s about the scientific software citation and index tools, not about research. I think it is important that software should get credits as much as the journal papers receive. I think the biggest reason we are citing papers is that anyone can reproduce the same results and conclusions using the paper itself and cited papers. These days, many research is conducted by using the scientific software, so we should pay as much as attention to them as we pay attention to the cited papers.
  • I have read two APS Physics articles. First one reports the end of the Dark Energy Survey (DES), and the second one explains new ultralight bosons can be detected by black holes merger.
  • I have read Astrobites article. I already have mentioned that there is a gap between the two methods to obtain the Hubble constant. The article describes an effort that narrowing the difference between two constant. But it seems that it is not enough. Maybe the future observations will resolve this discrepancy.


  • I have studied 26 words, 17 sentences, 2 TOEFL essays, and 1 GRE issue writing.

General Science


  • I solved 10 GRE Quantitative problems.


  • Nothing. I really should solve some GRE Physics problems to prepare for the exam!


  • I need to learn ‘Makefile‘ syntax.
  • I started to learn C language through RNS code.

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