Daily Study Log (2019-02-10)


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • I did a convergence study for three different codes (RNS v 2.0, my TOV solver, and my advisor’s TOV solver) to see they are converging to the same value.
  • It is highly recommended that the results should be visualized for comparison. So I wrote a Python code for a plot. I uploaded it on my Github repository for future uses, version control. Also, you are free to use my code, too! I’ll keep improving my code in order to use more easy for anyone.
  •  It turned out that one of the codes did not converge to the same value, only two of them did. I need to find out why.



  • I have studied 27 words, 23 sentences, 2 TOEFL essays, and 2 GRE essays using Anki.

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