Daily Study Log (2019-02-17)

I have been very busy during the last two days. That’s why I couldn’t post ‘Daily Study Logs.’


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • I did obtain some results but I couldn’t meet my advisor last Friday. During the weekend, I visualized my results in the graphs. Using this, I can talk to my advisor and explain my research progress more easily.


Astronomy & Astrophysics

  • I have read the AAS Nova article. It says that the magnetic field can help dust grains to overcome bouncing barrier that impedes the planet formation.
  • I have read the Astrobites article. I didn’t know that some stars are too bright to observe using a space-based observatory. And I didn’t even know that scientists already developed a wonderful technique (Halo photometry) to solve this problem!


  • I have read the front page of Friday’s The New York Times.
  • I have added 1 word, 1 TOEFL essay, and 1 GRE essay in Anki.
  • I have studied 49 words, 44 sentences, 3 TOEFL essays, and 2 GRE essays using Anki.

General Science

  • I have read the Nature Briefing article. I found this article very interesting because I’m facing this kind of situation now, two-body problem. But unfortunately, this article is not helping to me.

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