Daily Study Log (2019-02-25)


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • I still misunderstood what I had to do. I was supposed to calculate a total mass from the density equation in the paper. But what I did was getting a density profile with respect to the radius. I thought getting the total mass was pointless since I thought I didn’t have an accurate density equation. I was confused about some processes.
  • I successfully calculated a total mass using Python 3 code. In order to integrate the equation, I used a Gaussian quadrature rule. Nothing was difficult for writing a code. But I couldn’t get an analytic solution. It seemed to be complicated.



  • I have attended an ESL class today.
  • I have studied 41 words, 16 sentences, 2 TOEFL essays, and 3 GRE essay using Anki.

General Science

  • I have watched 1 SciShow, 1 SciShow Space videos on YouTube.

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