Daily Study Log (2019-03-06)

I always think that how can I balance with my research and the study. I think I can study and research for 1 hour alternately. I’ll try that from tomorrow.


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • I had a conversation with my advisor. Now I need to do is automating all the process.
  • So I drew some pictures to automate my whole processes. First, the source code should be modified a little. I expect that it would not be so hard. I’ll do it by tomorrow.



  • I have added 1 word, 6 sentences, 4 TOEFL essays, and 3 GRE essays.
  • I have studied 49 words, 22 sentences, 9 TOEFL essays, and 3 GRE essays using Anki.

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