Daily Study Log (2019-03-11)


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • After visualizing my results, I tried to meet my advisor and talk about the next step. But he had an important meeting today, we arranged the meeting tomorrow.
  • During the day, I organized what I’ve done before in order to write my thesis.
  • Also, I have read some papers and studied a textbook about my research topic. These things will be used in the introduction session in my thesis.



  • I haven’t attended an ESL class today. I really wanted to go and see some friends, but my TOEFL test is scheduled on this Saturday. I need to practice more before the test.
  • I took a TOEFL reading practice test.
  • I have added 1 TOEFL essay.
  • I have studied 59 words, 15 sentences, 6 TOEFL essay, and 5 GRE essay using Anki.

General Science

  • I have watched 3 SciShow, 2 SciShow Space, 1 Scishow Psych videos on YouTube.


  • I have solved ** Physics GRE problems.

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