Daily Study Log (2019-05-01)

I haven’t written ‘Daily Study Log’ for a while since I have only a few things to write on. That’s because of my laziness as well as I couldn’t summarize what I have done very well. But I realized that even a short story is still my daily history and it’s worth for archiving. So now I decided to write it again, hoping that I could write as many as I can.


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • I have read some reference papers for my thesis. Especially, I have found this paper is quite interesting, and also it has the fundamental concept for numerical calculations used in my research.
  • I have written 20 pages for the thesis so far. I think I’ve done a half.


Astronomy & Astrophysics


  • I have studied 30 words and 24 sentences using Anki.

General Science

  • I have read the Nature Briefing article.
  • I have watched 1 SciShow and 1 PBS Space Time videos on YouTube.

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