Daily Study Log (2019-05-31)


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • Since the calculation is somewhat slow, I used parallel computing to reduce the calculation time. I think the whole process will be ended during the night, I hope.
  • Also, I found that there’s a problem with my TOV solver. This is due to the interpolation when the code reads the EOS. Besides the value that I’m interested in is the gravitational mass, I think I can remove the baryon mass part. It’s time-consuming and it might cause some problems.


Astronomy & Astrophysics


  • I have read the two 5 things on CNN.
  • I have studied 13 words and 20 sentences using Anki.

General Science

I read too many articles today since I haven’t seen that during my thesis preparation. I think I lose my focus easily when I read too much. So I should limit the number of reading materials. It’s a waste of time just reading articles mindlessly. It took almost 2 hours. Even though I read English slowly, it’s too slow. I would rather focus on other things.

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