Daily Study Log (2019-06-11)

I installed the Interent at home, yay! Finally, I can stream at Japan. It’s been a long time since I streamed the ‘Study With Me’ video. I’m so happy to stream and study with you!
But you might find that the format of the streaming is quite different from the previous one, since I cannot use my desktop. The monitor was broken during the 26 hour’s tough flight, I can’t use my computer for now. So I have a spare laptop and linux is installed in it, their might be some changes in the streaming. I’ll find a way to improve the streaming environment so that you can enjoy my streaming, as always.


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • I calculated all of the 1000 EOS cases. Among the EOSs, only 191 EOSs were selected since their maximum gravitational mass is larger than 2.0 solar masses. Now it’s time to consider the rotation for these cases. The sooner I put the code on the server, the sooner I get the result. So I need to do this as soon as possible.


Astronomy & Astrophysics

  • I have read the Astrobites article. This article covers the interview with the keynote speaker, Professor Anthony Yeates. Throughout the whole interview, I strongly agree with his advise. That is why I started this blog. But I think I should upload more frequently and write a daily study log ‘literally daily’.


General Science

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