Daily Log (2019-08-30)

As you might know, I am in Japan and looking for a part-time job in order not to starve. I have been searching and submitting my resumes for a thousand of schools and companies. Now I got some interviews and I am preparing. I think I could study without any worries at least I have a job. So, wish me good luck!


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • My supervisors haven’t sent an email for about a month. I know they are busy and they gave me plenty of advice. I decided to write a paper on my own. Y’all knew that already. So I gathered my results and some materials which can be helpful. I just outlined my paper, and I used the Overleaf for the first time.
  • Overleaf is a great tool for writing a paper, especially when you have many collaborators. It helps us to share our documents, and edit at the same time without conflicts. Simply speaking, it’s a cloud editor for LaTeX users. Thanks, technology!



  • I have read the 5 things on CNN.
  • I have studied 35 words and 5 sentences using Anki.

General Science

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