Daily Log (2019-09-19)


Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars

  • Reading the Nature Briefing, I saw a very interesting article about a neutron star’s mass. It’s highly connected to my research, so I started to read the reference and told it to my professors.



  • I have read the 5 things on CNN.
  • I have added 10 words and 7 sentences.
  • I have studied 45 words and 32 sentences using Anki.
  • I have solved 20 GRE Verbal problems.

General Science

  • I have read the Nature Briefing article.
  • I have watched 1 SciShow, 1 SciShow Space videos on YouTube.


  • I have solved 20 GRE Quantitative problems.


  • I have solved 10 GRE Physics problems.

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