Daily Log (2019-09-23)


Astronomy & Astrophysics

  • I have read The Physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts for an hour. I want to study GRBs, especially the relationship between short GRBs and neutron stars. Anyway, I just started to read it and I want to finish it until October. It will be highly helpful to write a statement of purpose (SOP) when I apply for graduate schools.


  • I have read two 5 things on CNN.
  • I have added 1 word and 4 sentences.
  • I have studied 50 words and 39 sentences using Anki.
  • I have solved 20 GRE Verbal problems.


  • I have solved 20 GRE Quantitative problems.


  • I have solved 10 GRE Physics problems.
  • I have read the Physics GRE summary notes. I was reading Thermodynamics and Statistical mechanics part. I think I could finish this chapter by tomorrow.

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