Daily Log (2020-02-16)

I said a new website will be available in January. Well, it turned out to be false. Sorry! I have tried but it was not enough. But I will publish the new website in August, I promise.
I was quite busy recently. I got some part-time jobs. I started to work at the research institute in Japan as a part-time research assistant. Also, I am a marketing manager in a real estate startup, a freelance data scientist in a coffee delivery startup, and a part-time math teacher for elementary school students. Yes, now you can understand why I didn’t make the new website nor write some posts.
I also had some news about my academics. I submitted a paper to a journal, and now I am waiting for their review. You know that I was trying to get into graduate school as a PhD student. So I applied for some grad schools, and I am starting to getting some news from them. I had an interview with my potential supervisor and I was also invited to the other schools for the (kind of, maybe) interview. So I will go to Abu Dhabi last week of February! Yay!
I really want to go back to school and study, research again. That’s why I am sacrificing myself a bit. I can’t sleep more than 4 hours a day since there are lots, lots of things to do. Furthermore, I need to submit one more paper to the journal. I want to publish my mater’s project. I can happy to keep myself busy and awake if it gives me to study Astrophysics again.

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